Tech School Reversing Trend In Notorious Drug Corridor

A drug education campaign was launched by students and faculty of the Higher Institute of Technology of Nuevo Casas Grandes in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. A week of drug awareness activities culminated with an event with more than 600 youths gathering from two area high schools, local sports celebrities and representatives of the mayor’s office and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World to join in the signing of a giant Drug-Free Pledge.

Drug-related crime escalated in the region after a drug lord from the border city of Ciudad Juárez was killed and his gang decentralized their activities. When requests for help in dealing with drug problems came to the attention of the Institute’s social worker, she contacted the Foundation for a Drug-Free World in Los Angeles. In answer, the Foundation provided The Truth About Drugs booklet sets for all the students.

Sharing the information with their family and friends, the students’ enthusiasm for the materials ignited into a drive to bring drug education to the entire region and the inaugural event was organized. The occasion included congratulations from the Foundation, officials and celebrities, a drug education lecture and concluded with streams of students signing a giant banner sealing their commitment to a drug-free world.

Nuevo Casas Grandes is situated just three hours southwest of the Texas border. It boasts the most important archaeological site in northern Mexico and the world famous village of Mata Ortiz, cradle of the revival of pottery art in the ancient Mesoamerica tradition.


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